Importance Of Diversity In Hong Kong

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Introduction Hong Kong always be criticized as a concrete jungle. To the outside world Hong Kong is just a commercial city with no green plant and with less animals. However, the fact is that Hong Kong have many different kinds of animals and a rich biodiversity. For instance, there are many challenges to keep this rich biodiversity. The biodiversity of Hong Kong Hong Kong is a really small area in the world map but we have plant of animals and plants here. According to Ma (2015), the land area of Hong Kong is 1104 square kilometers and the sea area is 1651 square kilometers. Nevertheless, in this small area, we have 55 species of land mammals, 526 species of birds, 83 species of reptiles, 24 species of amphibians, 185 species of freshwater fish, 117 species of dragonflies and 236 species 3,329 species of vascular plants (2,175 are native species) and 997 species of marine fish. In the ocean of Hong Kong, we still have a variety of animals and which even more than a country in our world. According to Lam (2016), there are 84 types of stony coral in Hong Kong which is more than 60 in the Caribbean. There are 8 species of mangroves in Hong Kong, more than 6 species in the whole of eastern Africa.…show more content…
First of all, Hong Kong have a geographical advantages. Hong Kong located in subtropical area which have a wonderful climate for animals and plants. The summers of Hong Kong are warm to hot summers and winters are cool to mild with infrequent frost. The annual average temperature of Hong Kong is 26.6 degrees and humidity is 79 degrees. It is a suitable condition for diversifying species. Moreover, Hong Kong have a wide variety of environmental conditions that result from steep topography. There are about 60 percent of the total land area are natural hillside which provide a great area for the animals and plant to server and do the

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