Fences August Wilson Character Analysis

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What does it mean to be a parent? Are they here to love their children? To provide for their children? Or to just present entertainment for them until they go off on their own? Nobody really knows.. All of those seem like they are a must for a parent to give to a child, however some are incapable of loving or providing or entertaining for their kids. When this happens to a child, they will grow up, have their own kids and will most likely do the same thing to them, since that is all they know from themselves growing up. This is what happens to Troy Maxson, the main character in Fences by August Wilson, who is refused to play a baseball when he was younger and now he isn’t allowing his own kid, Cory Maxson, to play football because of what happened to him. But, just because something happened to you when you were younger doesn’t mean it is fair to do the same thing to your kid.…show more content…
Lyons says, “if you wanted to change me, you should’ve been there when I was growing up” (18). He explains this because when Lyons was a child, Troy was never there for him because he was in jail for killing and robbing someone. When, and if, the parent ever even comes back into their kid’s life, they won’t know a lot about them and they wouldn’t have the experience to do anything with them either. As for the kid in this situation, the same goes for him/her since they hardly are together, if at all. They will also feel hurt because they would feel abandoned by their parents and would never get to feel the way kids with parents

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