Fences Raynell Character Analysis

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Having an unpleasant past, doesn’t mean your future is going to be as troubling as your past. Raynell, a main character in Act Two in the book Fences by August Wilson, has had a very hard past losing her mother when she was born and her father dying when she was only seven. Stepbrother, Cory who could have had a better life given the opportunity for an athletic scholarship in football, but was denied that dream due to his dad’s jealously, since his dad was never given the same opportunity. Troy, father of Raynell and Cory never wanted his kids to have more success than he ever had; he always wanted to be the man of the house with the most success. After Troy’s death it is very clear that Raynell and Cory do not have anyone or a literal fence…show more content…
Rose is an unselfish person who loves and cares for anyone, “I’ll take care of your baby for you, and she’s innocent and can’t visit the sins of her father.” (Wilson 79) Rose doesn’t punish Raynell for the sins of her parents. Rose is going to raise the child to be better than her father. Concluding that Rose is referring to Raynell future in a sense of a garden is going to be big, “I told you it ain’t going to grow overnight. You got to wait.” (Wilson 90) Rose is going to push Raynell to dream higher than just the average African American. Raynell’s future is going to include going to college after high school and become a lawyer or a doctor, something that won’t fail an African American. Rose is very dedicated to everything and everyone, she was dedicated to her marriage and she is going to be dedicated to raising Raynell to being something successful. “I planted a seed and watched it, it didn’t take me no eighteen years for it to realize soil was hard and rocky and it wasn’t ever going to bloom, but I stayed with it.” (Wilson 71) Rose is going to influence Raynell to break the fence and shine. Raynell is a clean start for Rose, she isn’t going to let there be a fence between her child’s dreams like

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