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Rashed Al Qassimi Mrs. Gina Morelli AP Seminar 3 november 2015 The Causes Behind Female Serial Killers Throughout researching and analyzing serial killers I have learnt what being a serial killer is and what the difference between a serial killer and an ordinary one is. The characteristic feature of a serial killer is that he/she commits separate killings of three or more people over a certain period of time, generally with breaks between the murders, at the same time leaving a similar sign on all their victims. Before starting up my research, I only had a basic idea about them and thought that those are violent, brutal monsters and have an abnormal urge to kill. Whereas I used to say that most of the violent crimes are committed by men,…show more content…
In order to effectively come to a reasonable cause, I have studied the lives of several female serial killers - Among Myra Hindley, Jane Toppan, Rosemary West and others. Jane Toppan, for example, was accused of racking up dozens of victims and in police custody Toppan admitted that she was aroused by the process of killing. Another example is Rosemary West, who was convicted of murdering ten young women, while Mira Hindley was convicted of killing five children aged between age 10 and 17. My research has shown that while the main motives of the serial killers still remain unveiled, at the same time the psychological research argues that there is a strong connection between childhood memories and a tendency to kill. Psychologists claim that serial killers are not born but made. In my research I was trying to find the connection between these women’s childhood and their becoming a serial killer. Toppan’s father, for example was an alcoholic whose madness drove him to sew his own eyelids closed while working as a tailor, while her mother died of tuberculosis when Jane was a little girl. A few years later her father took her to an orphanage. West’s parents divorced when she was a teenager. Her mother continually suffered from depression and her father - from Schizophrenia. Hindley, being deprived of parents was raised by her grandmother. All these facts show that these women had a problematic and unfulfilled childhood. Therefore, while having bad memories from childhood and problematic upbringing and early life experiences they become furious at the whole world and by killing people they sick for recognition and attention of the world. The motive in their adult life comes from repressed anger and uncommon personality traits which leads to criminal deviance. They inflict pain on vulnerable victims that resemble their childhood tormentor.

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