Female Serial Killer Research Paper

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Imagine a scenario. Someone spends their time finding a person, creating a profile of them, watching their every move, and stalking them, silently, all leading up to a planned murder that is usually violent and brutal. This scenario accurately describes a serial murder. Steve Egger, an expert on serial murder, defines serial murder as a minimum of two murders in which the killer and victim are unrelated, the murders have no direct and easily detectable connection to each other and occur at different times, the murders typically occur at different locations, the victims often have characteristics in common with the earlier or later victims, and the murders are committed primarily for gratification based on fantasies (Levin 14). When someone…show more content…
Female serial murderers tend to be very sly and pay very close attention to detail when planning and following through with a murder (Geringer 2). They often choose a more untraceable and less violent way of killing their victim (Geringer 2). The University of Guelph completed a study that estimated that around eighty percent of female serial killers have used poison by itself or with other means of killing (Geringer 2). Killing a person with poison is much less physically confrontational. On the contrary, male serial killers tend to be more physical and perform their acts in a face-to-face manner. Stabbing, shooting, and strangling are much more common ways for male serial killers to accomplish their murder (Geringer 2). The ways male serial murders carry out their murders are almost always a cruel and violent act while females typically follow through in a subtler manner. The fact that females spend time and effort into making their crimes as indistinguishable as possible makes them more dangerous in a sense that they can evade detection from authorities for a longer time period, giving them more opportunities to commit more homicides. When male serial killers begin committing their acts they usually can only get away for a range of a few months to the longest being around four years (Geringer 2). It has been recorded that the lengths of female’s serial killing careers typically range from six to eight years. In some rare cases females have gone undetected for even up to three decades (Geringer

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