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Surfers are people who engage in a water sport of riding waves using a surf board. Surfers are mainly found along the shores and in the beaches where they can catch a wave. Surfers differ from other people because they view the ocean differently, they have their own surfing language, and they may have certain religious or spiritual beliefs and practices based on surfing. To begin with, surfers are different from other people because they view the ocean differently. Many people, who are non-surfers may think that the ocean is dangerous and they may not understand wave intensity whereas surfers understand the extent of how dangerous a wave may be. They are familiar with the difference between wave intensities, and therefore, they would know…show more content…
The surfers ranged from young teenagers to adults. There were also people of many mixed ethnicities that were surfing. There were many visitors and tourists on the beach, and some of them tried surfing. Japanese, Chinese, Hispanic, Korean, and many other people of different races had surfboards in their arms as they were heading out to catch a wave. There were also countless surfers who were from the island. I could tell they were from the island because they would be speaking Pidgin. I could distinguish the experience surfers from the first-timers because many first-timers were closer to the short, while the others were farther down and catching the bigger…show more content…
Unfortunately, I have not yet noticed surfers having a spiritual connection while surfing. Based on my research, I had found that people meet on the beach, usually on Sundays, for religious services. They have a prayer session, and after the prayer, they would paddle out and surf. Surfers sometimes organize memorial services for surfers who have passed. For example, there was a memorial service for Eddie Aikau, a famous surfer, at Waimea Bay. Sometimes, people would toss flowers of leis into the ocean in memory of someone who has

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