Female Offenders In Prisons

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Female offenders have many obstacles they face every day throughout their time in jail. From having to deal with not being able to physically be with their children to still having to dwell on family problems that they cannot deal with because they are incarcerated. Crimes that women do are spread in social media for the public to see, the public at times don’t take the crimes to heart but judge the women harshly. Women do need special services all because women need more than a man does and their more likely to catch more things than a man can. Female offenders face many obstacles while there in prison such as victimization, health problems, sexual harassment, single motherhood, work and school failure and family problems. About three-fourths…show more content…
There are the new inmates who just entered and have short time, new inmates with a longer time and inmates with long time who have already been incarcerated. They all cope with the difficulties that the prison has for them. Women there usually start creating family like relationships with the other female prisoners to make them feel like they’re not in prison. It may take new inmate weeks or months to get used to being in prison and throughout that time the women are indicial about being in prison but they find new ways to keep themselves busy by doing things around the prison and get their mind off the fact that they are incarcerated. Some women accepted it and others don’t cope well with it and end up losing their mind. There are health services for female offenders because women are increasing rapidly in prison. Women usually have multiple problems such as alcohol, victimization and drugs. There is a department called the California Department of Corrections and rehabilitation known as the (CDCR), this program consist of people to take care of the women and it also provides for both male and female offenders. It also created the (FOPS/SH) the Female Offender Program and Services this program provides treatment and services opening windows to a successful and a variety of opportunities for incarcerated…show more content…
The public in England say that the court system is being too harsh to women giving them longer sentences. It’s no shock when we hear that a woman is going to prison for a small crime or something major. Women don’t go to prison as much as men do but when they are going it’s for something big. When a woman does something that ends her up in prison it goes on air everywhere from women killing their husbands or boyfriends to mothers killing their own children. A mother in Detroit killed her children and confessed it to officers. They recovered the bodies from her house. Steven; age 11 and Stoney; age 14(siblings) were found stuffed in a freezer. Another report of a mother killing her baby in the restroom of a burger joint. Employs stated that they noticed the restroom line was getting long so they did everything they could to attempt to get in, once they got the doors to open to their surprise they found a woman who had killed her 20-month old son. She claims that she was just putting him to sleep, putting her hand over her son suffocating him, as soon as they discovered her she attempted to do CPR on her child but it was too late. This is why the public reacts so violently against the women when social Medias air the conviction. No wonder their crimes go viral how can woman be so cruel, how can a mother kill her own child, the mother of the woman states “she loves her baby, I don’t see how she could do something like

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