Jail Vs State Prison Essay

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Every time we hear that a criminal has been found guilty of a crime, we are always quick to say they are going to jail. While others say prison, we automatically believe it the same place, but are they really. The differences between a Jail and State Prison vary in differences. There are 4 main type of jails and a minor jail. Short Term Facilities Jails are known as short term facilities that are used for more purposes than other type of correctional institution. These jails are seen as a place where defendant awaiting trial, convicted of misdemeanor crimes, state/federal prisoners, mentally ill person pending movement to an appropriate health facilities, adults of both genders and juveniles. Native American Country Jails are jails in which only Native…show more content…
City and County Jails are jails support by the local government and it makes it difficult for the jails to be funded due to overcrowded. Municipal Jails are detention facilities in local police department to temporary housing of arrestees until they are booked or move to another facility. While, State Prison are known as correctional institutions containing only convicted offenders, usually felony inmates sentenced to prison as punishment for a crime. Each state operated its own correctional system and they differ significantly from state to state. All inmates in state prison must undergo an extensive examination and assessment to find out where they will be placed. The prisoner classification is a process known as reception and diagnosis to find out the security level in which to place the prisoner and the service of placement. In state prisons, inmates must undergo many different assessment and examination, in order to be placed in the appropriate location. State prison have special populations to separate people of different age, mental illness, depression, other health issues, etc to keep them away from the other inmates. I believe that female inmates should be granted more

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