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The March On Washington was a protest to show that all African Americans were equal to white Americans. There is so much thought and planning that has gone into this protest. Everyone involved were all determined to reach their goal. This march has resulted as one of the largest protest in Washington, D.C. Reasons for why March was so effective was because of its organization, the way it highlighted inequality for African Americans, and for what it all accomplished. First of all, A. Philip Randolph is the one who has created this march. He was also the President of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, which was a group of African Americans who made the first labor organization. Randolph got a large group of people that heard about this march. The reason he created this march because he thought there needed to be a protest against slavery and especially racism. A. Philip Randolph and his group wanted African Americans to have equal rights. There was a group of six leaders in the committee were called the “Big Six”. This consisted of A. Philip Randolph, Martin Luther King Jr., James Farmer, John Lewis, Whitney Young, and Roy Wilkins. Bayard Rustin was a part of the committee who organized the march. He rented out a space for $350 a month, which was for the March headquarters. It was planned to be on August 28th, 1963 because that was…show more content…
to help protest. Over 250,000 people showed up to help the protests. In addition, sixty thousand of those people in the march were white. The march was located in the National Mall in Washington D.C. People traveled all the way from the Washington Monument all the way to the Lincoln Memorial. Men marched down Pennsylvania Avenue while women marched down Independence Avenue too keep it less crowded. During the March, Martin Luther King Junior spoke his World famous speech “I Have a Dream”. King’s astonishing speech was about unfairness for African

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