What Is The Great Gatsby An Idea Of Failure

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“The Great Gatsby” is a novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald that challenges the perception of the American Dream. In “The Great Gatsby”, both the positive and negatives of the American Dream that has been placed within society. This Dream can be described as a tradition held up by society that includes the opportunity for success and prosperity as well as riches. One of the main characters; Jay Gatsby, is living that dream. Within the story the reader readers how the American Dream is an idea of failure. Matthew J. Bruccoli believes that The American Dream is too much of an ideal image rather than an realistic lifestyle which caused the dream to die. Daniel Mitchell on the other hand believes that the American Dream is alive and steady progressing. While others praise the American Dream and its attainability, Fitzgerald works as a…show more content…
He not only implies that the American Dream is an unrealistic but that striving for the American Dream can end up being destructive to oneself and the society around them. In the Great Gatsby; Nick Carroway, the protagonist, has recently moved to New York to get his career started. He resides on the island of West Egg which is considered the poorer community. Across from that is the East Egg which is considered the old money or rich; where two other characters Tom and Daisy reside as well. The West Egg is known for their riches, gossiping and the extravagant parties. A small city between the two is the Valley of Ashes, “ a place where morals are left out and only superficial, material-driven people can live in peace”(Millett). The different living communities represent the different values of life, “America itself is corrupted, so the characters in The Great Gatsby travel from west to east - in search of wealth and
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