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The History and Uses of Optical Lenses. Imagine waking up in the morning with blurry vision and no resolution. Picture not being able to take photos or see the stars up close. The optical lens has led to many life-changing discoveries, with even more possibilities in the future. These lenses are a commonly used object that is often times not given a second thought. According to Edmund Optics, “Optical Lenses are optical components designed to focus or diverge light”. Lenses are used in many machines and inventions today, and have drastically changed the way people see the world and spaces around them. Glass-making was started around 2000 BC (Pimms). In the 1st Century AD, Seneca the Younger, a tutor for the emperor Nero, showed him a device…show more content…
At the time of the invention, they were mainly being used for eyesight improvements. Some people, like John Dolland, created other uses for the lens, like telescopes. Dolland created the first achromatic telescope, and Galileo made the first astronomical telescope (The Starchild Team). Both the telescope and microscope helped the scientists using them magnify things greatly, to learn more about them. This new ability to see things up close and from grand distances dramatically improved their knowledge. It brought about many scientific and medical discoveries, which are obviously very important to the world. Today, microscopes and telescopes are still used for this area of work, and are being modified for many studies. Astrologists can see incredibly tiny things in such great detail, and are also able to now send spacecrafts equipped with telescopes out into the stars so they can explore even more. The uses of the lens seems limitless. Every year, it seems new innovations are being made and the lens is transforming the world once again. Lenses are used today in binoculars, cameras, flashlights, and more (Turnbull). These objects are used almost daily for many people, and will continue to be used and developed over

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