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Rosie was an incredibly talented woman who made her way up from living in the ghetto with her seven siblings to being the first in her family to not only attend college, but to attend the prestigious University of Philadelphia, and then continue to start her career as a surgeon at Penn Medicine. She worked her way up from a city filled of druggies and prostitutes to becoming something most people dream of being. On her first day, she was ordered to take the blood of a young patient who was living with AIDS. Right as she was about to dispose of the needle, it pricked her finger. She felt a shiver of death flow throughout her body. Ten years later, Rosie’s professors, intern and resident peers, and her meth addicted parents visited her. Her…show more content…
When a person can’t afford treatment for their HIV, their disease will progress to AIDS rapidly. Their bodies will no longer be able to fight off minor infections; moreover, their immune systems will be awfully weak. Their bodies could undergo bone infections, anemia, chronic herpes, serious weight loss, and so many more symptoms that will make a person’s desire to live unexistent. A good friend of mine informed me that untreated, it takes 1-3 years to die from AIDS. In addition to that, about 70% of people infected with AIDS are located in Africa, and chances of medical treatment there are slim. My solution would lead to the cure of AIDS by performing advanced research unlike ever done before. It would prevent the constant cycle of transmission of HIV/AIDS in Africa which goes in the order of unprotected sex/rape, to pregnancy, and then breast feeding which would infect the kin. If my proposal is accepted, it could give poor and pitiful African’s a chance to live a better life that doesn’t consist of years of sickness and pain. It would allow the cruel and evil prisoners who murder, rape, steal, and corrupt our population to make a positive mark on the world. This solution could lessen the regularly 13,000 people who pass from this disease

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