Francis Ordoveze And Ferica Case Study

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A survey for the comparison of Jollibee and McDonald’s was sent out to the family and friends of the researcher, who are a part of the population’s minority. In the span of two weeks, the survey received over 200 respondents, majority of whom belong to similar demographics. Due to the fact that respondents were mainly from the minority of the population, the researcher felt like she did not do the survey justice, still the results were just as predicted. Majority of the responses were exactly the same because the kinds of people that answered the survey have similar opinions. These results would be completely different from what the rest of the nation has to say about Jollibee and McDonald’s, but what was good about this survey was that it allowed the…show more content…
The family originally invested in the McDonald’s corporation when his father was looking for a franchise to get into because he had money that was set aside for business. Francis Ordoveza took over his father’s franchises and is now the owner operator for the stores that his father put up. What he does for McDonald’s is that he looks over his stores to ensure that they are running well and meet the McDonald’s standards. The researcher and writer herself was the interviewer as well. Ordoveza was a very easy person to interview because he incorporated information and ideas to support his answers in a simple manner. Given this, understanding the information he was giving about McDonald’s as an international brand in the Philippines and basic information about business in general was possible, even without any background knowledge. In the interview, Ordoveza discussed the standards, the positive and negative qualities, and the market of McDonald’s. Aside from this, he gave a slight introduction to how Jollibee works and talked about them in

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