Farm Management Case Study

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1.0 Introduction. Farm managers are responsible for doing many things for example ensuring that the farm business accomplishes what it is supposed to accomplish. A business manager’s job can be defined as the art and science that combines ideas, methods and resources to produce and market a product profitably. Other goals include environmental management, avoiding debt etc. A farm manager’s job can be described as the allocation, direction and control of limited resources to achieve the goals of the farm efficiently. 1.1 Description of the study farm. The farm is called Kokorio model Farm founded in 1999, it’s located approximately 8km south of Katakwii town council in Kapujan Sub County in Katakwii district in North Eastern Uganda.…show more content…
Availability of farm labor The farm has got a total of 14 casual full time laborers both men and women who are full time with 3 workers/ ha this has therefore improved on the efficiency of farm work and has led to increased productivity in the farm, Land holding size The farm has got 8 acres of maize and 4 acres of oranges and this has helped to boost on production on the farm which also fetches in more…show more content…
and this has therefore improved on the livelihood of the people around the farm.  There has been increased awareness, knowledge and adoption of farming conservation practices like the use of crop legumes which act as cover crops and learning on how to graft the orange seedlings by the local people living around the community where the farm is located and this has also improved on soil fertility levels in their farms.  There is improved quality of peoples life since less agrochemicals are used on the farm hence healthy maize, legumes and oranges are produced with no toxins hence people within and around the farm live a happy and healthy  The quality of the farm products is good for example the oranges taste sweet, big in size, good flavor and color and the maize produced has also got high number of good grains per cob hence the product is accepted within and outside the farm and this also fetches in

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