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Principles of Management Angela Duarte Ferreira ( Word Account: 935 Analysis In chapter nine in Pugh (2007) Miles and Snow discuss and explain the process of the failure or success of an organization. They have pointed out that this topic of failure or success is in fact not a very simple or easy concept to explain. Throughout the chapter Miles and Snow discuss that it is through the environment in the market and through supporting their strategies properly with management processes and structures that the organizations will achieve strategic fit. This is in order for the organization to maintain itself a live and to be successful, If the organization that is perhaps less successful will show a poor fit of both…show more content…
There agree as other have discuss two types of isomorphism, there is competitive and institutional. They argue that an organization does not only want to be competitive, they want also to have institutional legitimacy and political power, therefore they discuss the three frameworks in which institutional isomorphism can be achieved and they are; Coercive isomorphism, Mimetic processes and Normative pressures (Pugh, pp. 440). Coercive isomorphism is the outcome of pressure applied from other organizations which they can be both dependent and cultural expectations by the society they are working within. Mimetic processes explain at which level an organization wants to be more similar to another. This meaning, that an organization may want to model themselves after an organization they believe to be legit, and more successful. Normative pressures, that can come from from which type pf profession one might have. This meaning, that people with the same type of profession will most likely solve a problem or come to face a problem in similar…show more content…
They discuss that are two types of isomorphism, competitive and institutional. They have argued that nowadays organizations are not only competitive but they are also looking to have institutional legitimacy and political power. I agree, although not to most types of organizations. I think that an organization such as IKEA, is not after political power as they sell furniture, but whereas a lawyer firm, may want to me institutional legitimized, if they are trying to reach a wider type of clients that have political

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