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INTRODUCTION OF ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURES When a work group is very small and face-to-face communication is frequent, formal structure may be unnecessary, but in a larger organization decisions have to be made about the delegation of various tasks. Thus, procedures are established that assign responsibilities for various functions. It is these decisions that determine the organizational structure. In organizational structure the people and jobs will be allocated accordingly in order to achieve the organizations goal. The best organizational structure for any organization depends on many factors including the work it does; its size in terms of employees, revenue, and the geographic dispersion of its facilities; and the range of its businesses.…show more content…
They are used to improve communication between the employee group who is responsible for the product and the group who provides the specific functional skill. For example Swastika Printers’ cross-functional teams could be someone from one department being responsible to work with an identified person in making to sell the product: each department within Swastika Printers will know the details of business activities in the other departments. In Swastika Printers there are divided into 5 departments such as Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, and Manufacturing all this departments will be reporting to their own perspective Managers in their department and meanwhile the Managers from each department will report to the CEO directly. Each Of the Department has their own tasks to be performed in order to achieve the organization goals. Each part of the project is handled in its own department. If an interdepartmental need arises, the managers will assign the appropriate tasks and coordination. Managers have other responsibilities than just being a project lead. If the Manager needs a team member to do something, she/he should go to the person's…show more content…
Activities are divided on the basis of individual products, product line, services and are grouped within departments in product structure. Marketing, Finance and Human Resources are situated inside each department. This allows individuals in the division to focus all their efforts on the products produced by their division. Those firms that generate multiple products, is appropriate under the product organization structure. Therefore coordination between functional areas such as product design, production, marketing is effectual as all functions are in the similar department. Responsibility and accountability for market sales, share, profit/loss could be clearly fixed. Moreover for each product that the organization produce, there will be a manager for the each product. For example in the diagram above there is 5 types of product that has been produce each product there is manager. All the employees under each product has to report to the respective manager, meanwhile the managers will report to the general manager and the general manager should report to the Managing Director of the organization. In this type of organization, each sales person is trained to handle a particular product or product line. Thus, the number of sales people depends upon the variety of products handled by the

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