Reba Family Structure

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I recently cancelled cable and switched to Netflix. However, the 30 minute sitcom I always enjoyed watching was “Reba”. 1. What is the structure of that family? Reba is a single mother, who struggles with taking care of everyone in her house after her husband divorces her for his dental hygienist, Barbra. Oddly enough, though Reba sees Barbra as her rival, Barbra considers Reba her best friend. Reba has three children; Cheyenne who is looking forward to her Senior Year but finds out she is pregnant. The other two children are Kyra, a smart and stubborn teenager who shares Reba's sarcastic streak, and Jake, a young boy just trying to sort through the mess of his family. She is unpredictable and inclined to to sarcastic remarks. But Reba can…show more content…
I’m a single mom, and my husband had left me for a lady he was having an affair with. They were married a short 4 months after my divorce was filed and just like in the show, his new wife wanted to be my best friend. She would call and talk to me, show up at my door, etc.… Meanwhile, I despised her for turning my life upside down, left to raise a 1 year old on my own. It took some time, but I finally realized, it was nice to have that outlet when I was worried about dropping my daughter off at her dad’s for a weekend. Surprisingly enough, 16 years later, she has become a really good friend and I was able to help her through her divorce when my ex left her for another lady he was having an affair with. Life in a single parent home is stressful for both the adult and the child. It’s hard being a mom and a dad. I was always feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising my daughter, maintaining a job and keeping up with the bills and the cleaning. I found that instead of holding a grudge against my ex and his new wife, just like in the sitcom Reba, that by talking with each other and working together to tackle problems were able to maintain a strong relationship and get through 18 years without a lot of fighting. I realized by putting aside our differences and not going by the standard of treating an ex horribly by taking him for everything he had, I got

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