Pyramid Structure Vs Chain Of Command

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1. Is there a difference between the terms pyramidal structure and hierarchy? Hierarchy refers to a group of people organized or classified by rank and authority. Pyramid structure refers to the shape of hierarchy in law enforcement. This is typically pyramid shaped with a single “authority” at the top expanding down and out through the ranks to the broad base of “workers” or officers. *** 2. What is the difference between unity of command and chain of command? Unity of command refers to….. 3. What forces are driving change in your community? Technology, social media, and economic changes are a few of the forces driving change in the community. Technology is readily available to everyone. This drives change in the way people go about their day to day activities as well as the way crimes are carried out and they types of crime such as electronic crimes. Social media also has a big effect on our…show more content…
What does an organizational chart indicate? An organizational chart visually depicts how personnel is organized within an agency. 5. How could you reorganize to force decision making downward? Is this desirable? Pyramids structure forces decision making downward. Typically a single “authority” at the top holds all authority and forces decisions down the pyramid. This is not desirable as it creates friction between the “authority” and the workers. It does not allow for a partnership. 6. Which of the five strategies described appear to have the most promise? I believe problem-solving policing and intelligence-led have the most promise. Problem solving focuses on determining the underlying causes of crime, fear of crime and disorder and identifying solutions. I think in order to solve and improve a situation you need to get to the bottom of the problems. Intelligence-led policing is a methodical approach to prevent, detect and disrupt crime. It focuses on early detection of trends which allows them be proactive in preventing crime instead the traditional reactive

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