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Having more friends may be good in some cases, but in many others, it’s not. So many people will be convinced more friends always have your back, but how do you know you can actually trust them? There is no way of knowing who actually has your back forever. Less friends can assure you the trust that needs to be in the More friends can start Social Anxiety. Everybody is self-conscious, but sometimes self-consciousness starts to become something else as you start to meet new people. Sometimes, when a person you are introduced to is your definition of “perfect” or “beautiful” in their appearance or way of acting to you, and you start to compare yourself. This can start social anxiety. Social anxiety is a fear of interaction because that person…show more content…
Too many friends or friends introducing you to new people, can start social anxiety. Unfortunately, people have skipped important classes that include introducing and talking about themselves, because of Social Anxiety. Social anxiety is can get so bad, it can lead to depression. Many people they think they’re friends are real, but most of them are not. Some friends are fake, and sometimes BFF is not only known as Best Friend Forever, but is also known as (Best Fake Friend). Many times, real friends will support you and will not leave your side when you make a mistake. Fake friends are people who will judge you when you show who you really are and will most likely backstab you and spread rumors about you. Once you make a mistake that people will most likely remember, they will leave you for a new “best friend”. Usually, fake friends are people who pretend to be your “Best Friend” and will be by your side for a short period of the time for a specific reason, or to find out about something. Once they figure out what they are looking for, they will start to neglect you, then will probably leave you and talk behind your back to other people. In the 6th-grade survey, many people thought that having fewer friends that you can trust and really know is

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