Anne Frank Holocaust Denial

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Holocaust Denial At one point in history just about six million people of a single race died in horrific causes and a few years after people around the world started stating this horrific genocide false, that it never ever happened in history or says it was exaggerated and never was a true genocide. In this research paper I will be talking about Holocaust denial and why it shouldn’t be a thing. True there are very small things about the Holocaust that is false, but the entire thing did happen and you can’t prove that the actually thing didn’t happen. Although many people believe the Holocaust didn’t happen, they should learn about it because there are also tons of artifacts from the Holocaust, several of the works camps were discovered, and…show more content…
The diary of Anne Frank is a piece evidence showing a family and friends of jews that were hiding and people who believe in Holocaust denial say that the diary was forged to make german soldiers look evil and to give some care and respect to the jewish people (“Holocaust denial”). However this is false because Anne Frank and the people have exist and the father of Anne Frank got the book to be published in the first place even though he didn’t want to at first he did so in the end. He was asked to do it by his dutch friends that were able to stay outside and do what they normally did, but they kept helping Anne Frank and her family and friends to stay alive in a place where they couldn’t leave. If they did leave the dutch police force would capture them and bring them to the nazis. In nineteen eighty seven Jean Marie Le Pen says that the gas chambers were not used at all in the Holocaust (“Holocaust Denial Timeline”). Everyone who knows about the Holocaust knows that this was one of the most ways to kill the jews. They would send them to the showers and then to the gas chambers to kill them. There is even a gas chamber door at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in D.C. In nineteen seventy six a professor by the name of Arthur…show more content…
Some people say that the work camps weren't about killing and putting the jews to work inside of them and they said that they died of many different diseases (“Holocaust Denial”). Even some say that the nazis had no control over the deaths of the jews and the jews just died of a disease that just spread throughout the camp. They even say that the experiments were false and that the SS officers in charge of the camps were innocent in the deaths. Near the end of the second world war when the United States of America and Russia where taking back land in Europe they found several of these camps in Europe that were used to kill and forced labor jewish people from all ages. Each camp hold thousands of dead bodies, gas chambers, and experimented victims. The victims were tortured to find new research on the human body. Now in Poland the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp that was partly destroyed is now a memorial walk for people who want to witness what lies inside a concentration camp during world war two. Inside the camp you will find the shoes that symbolizes all the people who have died inside that camp. You will also see bones from the human body inside a display case that the allies found inside pits where they burned the Jews. This is what many people say who works at the Holocaust

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