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Purple in all its shades and hues is a fascinating color, which helps create diverse yet all striking, dramatic, luxurious, elegant interiors. Although purple and violet look similar, purple unlike violet is not a true color, it is simply a perceived even mixture of red and blue. It is scientifically proved that colors have a profound effect on people’s moods, perceptions, feelings, and way of thinking. In its dual nature, being an intriguing mixture of red/an energetic color, which symbolizes passion/ and blue/the color of calmness and reliability/, purple is a vibrant color, which evokes both stimulation and tranquility. Furthermore, being a combo of red and blue, the warmest and the coldest colors on the wheel, purple is believed to…show more content…
Walls, window treatment, an area rug, even wall art and flowers are purple… Furniture and flooring in dark wood add warmth to the space. A headboard and footboard in white and accessories in white and silver balance the bedroom. Definitely a classy space! Shown above, an almost all-purple bedroom. This bedroom with a distinctive Moroccan-inspired look screams elegance, luxury, and drama. Some splashes of green break this monochrome space and add extra doses of visual interest. Unquestionably, a striking bedroom. Is it too bold for you? As purple inspires and raises positive feelings, works well with black, white, silver, and green and helps create chic, sophisticated interiors, it is an adorable option for living rooms, bathrooms, and even kitchens. In addition, as it encourages creativity and imagination, you can always consider creating a home office in purple. Above, a living room in purple. A gorgeous ottoman, which doubles as a coffee table, a floor lamp, and throw pillows in purple complement the walls to create this exquisite space. A white armchair and a light gray sofa and flooring balance the room. Silver details add sparkle and extra visual

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