Failure In Middle School

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I have had numerous experiences of failure, but there one incident that affected me the most occurred during my years in middle school at Durham Nativity School, a private charter school near downtown Durham, North Carolina. Multiple accounts of my failure were results of my making mistakes. When I made a mistake, failure was one of the popular consequences. The mistake was being suspended for putting trash on another student's head after he made an insulting comment. Back then, I was very protective of my family members, and I allowed an immature middle school boy get into my head by making a snide comment about my mother. After taking an even more immature action like throwing trash on top of someone's head, I was suspended for three days as a result. The suspension affected my maturity and respect, and also taught me that retaliation is never the best option in any given situation.…show more content…
I considered my actions failure, not only to myself, but also to my parents who had raised me so much better than to make actions like this. I felt that I had failed myself, specifically, because of my grades. Academics was extremely important to me during middle school and it still is today. As a result of my suspension, every missed assignment I had was counted as an 0 or an F. By the time I had returned, my A+ in my English class had turned into an F. This taught me that all actions had a consequence and it just turned out that the consequence was a failing grade. Feeling responsible for my actions, I took it upon myself to bring my grade up. I realized that because it was my fault, it was my obligation to do all possible to bring my grade up. By the conclusion of the school year, I had increase my grade to a high B. Personally, it is believed that this act was a sign of maturity. If it wasn't for this experience, I would not be as mature as I am
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