Analysis Of Hope Against Hope By Sarah Carr

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New Orleans School system is one that many people may be unfamiliar with, such as the different schools provided, admission requirements, and school boundaries. However, Many African Americans nationwide face this very issue of attending schools that inadequately address disconnects between what occurs in and outside of the schools parameters. It has long been an issue in determining what possible structure is most optimal in properly educating the disadvantaged and underprivileged. It has been argued that America’s school system is failing it children, exclusively those who attend public schools. Much of the failure has been linked to what teachers and principles “are and are not doing.” On the other hand, observing peripheral factors, such as income inequalities and families education have not been included in the equation on improving educational quality.…show more content…
Among these three different charters we witness their distinct characteristics for educating students in poverty stricken communities. She introduces a topic that has permeated through many conversations dealing with education, which is the idea of intertwining corporate ideology to schools education systems. This idea believes that teachers should be judged based on their student’s results on standardized test; which is another case of America promoting its capitalistic economy. Her writing style is one that looks to captivate the reader by looking through the lens of the Teacher, Principle, and the Family. Her structure is quite unique because each section is related to a school, such as the Family is related to KIPP Renaissance, the Principle connects to O. Perry Walker, and the Teacher deals with Sci

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