Factors That Attract People To Action Movies

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What attract people to action movies? Name: Ahmed Sameh Class:10B Subject: English Literature Teacher: Mrs. Samar Mohab Date: 13 March 2017 Do you think that action movies are a kind of addiction or an epidemic? How do action movies grab audience to their everlasting whirlpool? Action movies is a film, which end up with fighting, physical feats or violence. Most of the action movies conclude or end in victory for the hero or death of the hero. There are four reasons that people attract to action movies: gory scenes; as a hero, who defeat his enemies, win in the end of the movie scene. Three factors, which can make action movies for people to be afraid of it, are tension, relevance and unrealism. Action movies make people…show more content…
Glenn Walters, the three main factors that make horror films appealing, are: relevance, tension and unrealism. First, Tension is created through mystery, suspense, gore, terror, or shock. This is so good, because it is straight forward elements of horror, the sound effects and technique of making action movie. Second, relevance is make people like to see the movie. It should be pertinent to most of the viewers. Also, it can take the form of universal – taking the universal fear of things like death and the unknown, it can take on cultural relevance dealing with societal issues. It identifies with the protagonist or in a way that rail the antagonists or victims to their ultimate fate. Last thing, unrealism is the most numerator conjectural. As we know some of action movies isn’t real, due to the graphic nature. Haidt, McCauley and Rozin are teachers in a school. They conducted research on disgust, showing students in 1994 a series of gruesome documentary videos… few could make it to the end – and yet these same students would pay to see even worse acts conducted on a movie screen. They have done this, because when they move to a theater, they know that they are real. But, Movies are edited from multiple camera angles with soundtracks. These factors help to make the mood and the suspense of the movie integrated to create that atmosphere throughout the film. And these factors make action movies aim at arousing fear and extracting Adrenaline into those bodies.…show more content…
At times, the camera's perspective hovers just over the boxer's shoulders as punches fly. Flinch response is actually the result of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. Our ancient ancestors developed reflexes to dodge oncoming objects. There are also cells in our brain called mirror neurons. They are active when we learn new motor skills. Zacks thinks may play a part in our reflection to seeing action on the big screen. They may also help us relate to emotions, so that when we see a smile in a movie we are more likely to want to smile ourselves. The brain has to actually stop itself from taking a movie too seriously. Patients with damage are more likely to respond to movies as if they are real. Kids have a similar problem, since their prefrontal cortex is still developing, he explained. That's why kids sometimes talk back to movies or jump out of their seats and hide during scary

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