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What is masculine and feminine behaviour? Masculine and feminine behaviours are character traits that show how much of a man or woman a person really is. Whenever we say someone is masculine that person is simply communicating a lot of manly traits. The opposite counts for femininity which means having a lot of feminine traits. Manly traits are behaviours that mostly men have, and feminine traits are behaviours that mostly females have. Any masculine behaviour you have as a man will make you more attractive to females, because it shows them that you’re a worthy male to be with. The same counts for feminine women as it shows us men that she is a worthy female to be with. But why is that so? Why do females want masculine men and why do males want feminine women? Why does a man become more attractive with masculine behaviour and why does a female become more attractive with feminine behaviour? And why is the opposite true as well – feminine males and masculine women being significantly less attractive. It all has to do with genetic value. Why masculinity and…show more content…
As you know, women have always had to grow babies inside their bodies. For nine months they have to be able to grow a child inside their bodies, while at the same time staying healthy and avoiding all kinds of risks for the sake of a healthy offspring. Because of the fact that women have to grow babies inside their bodies, they are more vulnerable since they need the vulnerable body parts to be able to do so. They grow less tall, have more body fat as it costs less but stores more energy than muscle mass. This fat comes in handy when females need it to grow other human beings inside their bodies and feed those babies once they are born. As males are incapable of performing such feats, they maintain more muscle mass and grow a bit taller, thus making them physically

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