Felipe Garcia Martinez: A Short Story

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Felipe Garcia Martinez is a man that left his home country in hopes of a better life and chose to chase his dream. He left his home town of Michoacán at a fairly young age in search of a place where he could follow his dream. As a boy he grew up on his family's ranch, and at the time it was barren. That’s to say that there was really no one around for miles, and he grew up doing his tasks, but a day came when he went into a nearby town and his parents got him this toy piano, " I was fascinated by it, something about producing sound drew me in" he says. He banged those keys, and decided, "I wanted to learn more". It was around this time that he met his man, at church. He was in his very early teens around this time, and every day after…show more content…
Even if their part was small it all came together to produce one unified sound. It was this small thing that really awakened me and motivated me as a kid. Just seeing the effort and hard work that was put into it really stuck with me. "we made it onto a TV show down in Mexico somehow, and we headed down there to play a few songs." "how did it go?" I asked "it really wasn't that great. It gave us exposure, but the entire set up was off, and fake." "what do you mean by fake?" "we had to record the song prior, then we had to lip sync Infront of a camera. It just wasn't what I expected, but that’s how it was" We took a quick break from the interview to get some Mexican sweet bread and coffee. When we resumed I asked the all-encompassing question in my mind. "do you ever want to go back to mexico?", he looks at me and says, " I plan to go build a house over there when you guys are all grown up. I have a designated plot on the ranch so it just comes to getting those things done." I aske why he wants to go back and he decided that he accomplished what he could here, and that if he intends to keep doing what he loves he needs to go back at some

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