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2.1.3 Cockroaches The cockroaches is are nocturnal insects that have reddish brown color and fetid odor. Moreover, its hide in warm, damp and dark places like the bathroom, floors of kitchen, under the sink, near water pipes, crevices, cabinets and cupboards. It can cause superficial erosion of irregular outline a blackish "comma" shape mark on paper is a positive indication of the presence of cockroach. 2.1.4 Booklice Booklice is are small soft-bodied insects that have relatively large heads, fairly long antenna and strong-toothed mandibles. Its can cause tiny superficial erosions of irregular outline to paper, leather, gelatin of photographic plates, watercolors, parchment, glue and gum of bookbinding 2.1.5 Case-bearing clothes moth…show more content…
Screens could be placed on windows and exterior doors and, where possible, all cracks along floors and walls and holes around pipes plugged to limit the entrance of insects from outside. Ideally, there should be no live plants or flowers in the archival institution, particularly near storage areas, as plants can carry in insects, which can nest in storage areas and lead to infestations. It is essential that storage areas be cleaned on a regular basis particularly behind shelves and in dark areas. Insect traps can be used to catch bugs, especially flying insects such as flies or wasps. If insects are an ongoing concern, senior management may consider treating the building with insecticides. However, some insecticides can be damaging to health, and treating materials with insecticides sometimes just delays a problem, since the pests may return once the insecticides have worn off. Such a decision should be made in consultation with experts in preservation management and so ought not to be considered an immediate solution. 3.0 Temperature and Relative…show more content…
One of the serious reasons that contribute in deterioration of paper is temperature and relative humidity. Temperature and humidity acts as destructive agents that could damage the paper. This is because paper is the sensitive items that inherently fragile and exposed prone to degradation. There are many types of archival materials that need to be preserving in maintaining the value of the materials includes documents, photographs, maps, plans and other records. According to International Records Management Trust (1999), the article state that other factors in the degradation of archival materials are fluctuation in or excessive levels of temperature and relative humidity, excessive exposure to light, air pollution, water damage, destruction from biological agents such as mould or insects, or abuse and

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