Compare And Contrast Antigone And King Creon

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In literature, the characters are often possessed with a hamartia. A hamartia is a fatal flaw leading to the downfall of a tragic hero or heroine. Two characters, King Creon and Antigone are in Sophocles' play, "Antigone," and they both possess hamartias. Antigone is an adolescent woman who is fighting the urge to do what is right even though it might cost her life. Her brother, Polyneices, rebelled against Thebes, which would result in the penalty of death. Antigone's brother perished, and she wanted to bury him, and give him a ceremony. King Creon is the king of Thebes, who denied Antigone's desire to bury her brother. Antigone was engaged to King Creon's son, who led to many more issues. Antigone and King Creon both possess multiple tragic…show more content…
Antigone and Creon are both extremely stubborn which did not help them in any way. They are both very independent. Antigone for example in the beginning of the story when Antigone talks to Ismene she asks for her help, but when Ismene refuses, Antigone gets furious with her, then Ismene decided to act independently. Just like King Creon always refuses to listen to anyone's opinions but his own, Antigone shows how loyal she is to her beliefs, just like King Creon is loyal to his laws. Antigone believes in honoring her family, and Creon believes in himself and the law. They both believe in honor, but honoring two very different things. Even if they are misguided, King Creon and Antigone have a tendency of doing what they believe to be correct. He was selfish, but he stayed strong to his belief, just like Antigone. They also did not think of anybody, but themselves when making decisions. To be fair Antigone was thinking of her brother, but she did not think of her sister who was still alive. Creon did not think of his son; his son was engaged to Antigone, so a man attempting to kill his son's future wife does not exactly win "father of the year." Antigone and King Creon are very different, but their fatal flaws are very

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