Graduation Speech: The Journey Of Your Life

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Dear 18-year-old Marilyn. Pick your head up and hold it high because you are about to embark on the journey of your lifetime and it all starts as soon as you step foot and cross that small stage today during graduation. I want to start by saying how proud I am of you for coming this far, your high school graduation is the first biggest milestone you have reached yet. I know getting through high school was always challenging for you. The stress you managed, the busy work you completed, the endless amount of smiles, laughs, tears, frustrations, and outbursts were all for something. That something being the beginning of the rest of your life. Each minor event that happened and each major life lesson you learned will continue to impact you after you finally go away to start…show more content…
You have to accept the fact that these situations come with the territory of the film industry however this helps push you to change these social norms through female filmmaker activism. Just remember that no matter what people say to you and how they make you feel, what matters is how much you believe in yourself. As you grown into your profession you plant roots in every project you work on and every person you work with. You will begin to collaborate and form a team made up of your best friends and partners in work. You will go on to lose and win awards. You will impact the film community as a whole and even better yet your artwork will go on to inspire the very fans that will follow you through your journey. Even though success is not easy to obtain i promise as long as you work as hard as you do now and are not afraid to take the risks that you question you will find yourself living your best life. Never forget the powerful figures in your life like your father, your favorite filmmakers, your best friends, and the world around you because they are the things that will influence you

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