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Text messaging, emails, social media…. What is next for this world that we live in today? Our society has come to communicating to each other by social media and text messages. Sherry Turkle explains to the reader that text messaging the new and improved way of communication for our society today. If this is the way of communicating with one another, what will be next in ten to twenty years. In the story, “No Need to Call” written by Sherry Turkle, she explains to the reader her own opinion on why technology plays an effective role in our society today. Turkle feels that technology is all we as the people rely on these days. The technology Sherry Turkle refers to that is used the most is email, text messaging and social media. One of the…show more content…
A conversation in person has an extremely significant amount of meaning or emotions that come along with the words that are being said between two people. Everyone has a certain emotion or point that they are trying to get across and express when having a face to face conversation with another person. Also I believe that emotions can tell a lot about how the speaker is feeling about what is being said. Facial expression plays a big role in a conversation in person because you know exactly how a person is feeling. In a text message, the reader doesn’t get any emotion. From experience, I know that each and every one that I have talked to throughout my life time have had a different emotion or facial expression when explaining what is needed to have a conversation about. For example, while one person may be sad when explaining how hard they worked in a class for an A that was not received. Another person can be counting that as a lesson to learn meaning that they have to work harder next time and know exactly what to do the next class. While one is sad another will be happy. Also I believe that each person has their own signature in explaining situations or stories. Some people can be extremely into the story and use their expressions by being loud when they get excited about…show more content…
When the sender sends a text message to another person, the reader may have a different opinion in how the sender meant to say what the conversation is about. For example, the sender of the message may be saying something in the text message that isn’t offensive but the reader of the text message may take it the wrong way by taking it offensive. In person the confusion of what type of expression or tone that is being used in a conversation wouldn’t happen because you can tell exactly how the speaker is reacting. I know from experience that I have read a text message from a friend and have taken it the wrong way. When reading a text message, a person will read it the way that they think it should be said instead of what the sender is actually saying. Interpreting text messages the wrong way can lead to arguments and information that may not have been said. I feel that everyone has read a text message the wrong way in their life time. Sherry Trukle says, “Not surprisingly, there are moments when life in the life mix gets tense. You split the real and virtual to give the virtual the breathing space it needs.” I believe that this statement that Sherry Turkle is saying is telling us as the reader that sometimes when a person is typing a conversation online, he or she will take a deep breath and take a break. In many ways, taking a

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