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During the course of my life, I have had many experiences that were not only meaningful to me, but will serve as useful resources that would be useful in giving knowledge to a GTY project. These include opportunities to train with expert coaches, mission work in the Dominican Republic, and a failed job interview that defined my professional practice. Let us first examine the significance of utilizing expert coaches to learn new skills. When I was young, I was afforded the opportunity to train with some of the best swimming and soccer coaches in the world. My father, believed that if one wanted to be great at something, you needed to find the best coahes to develop your skills. To this end, I was coached by Bob Matson, a swimming coach who was known for developing Olympians, as well as Dr. Joe Machnik, a former goal keeper coach for the U.S. National and Olympic team. Learning from exceptional coaches as a youth has taught me that when one wants to excel at something, the first thing one should do is to find those who excel at the same thing and either learn from them or those who taught them.…show more content…
Our focus was the building of latrines and a school for a small village west of the capital of Santa Domingo. While we were there to provide a service to others and to minister to them as well, it was the villagers who gave us a special gift. I learned that many did not have the most basic of resources and yet were happy. They eagerly attempted to give us what they could as special thanks for our service in their village. Their generosity with what little they had reminded me that those who have many resources should share those resources with others with generosity. Whether one considers personal wealth, knowledge, or talents, sharing these gifts with others is the essence of the GYT approach to

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