Column Joints Case Study

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INTRODUCTION 2.1 I will be describing my project entitled as “Investigation of Structural Behavior of Beam-Column Joints”. I conducted the project during my Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering. I carried out the project from P.E.C University of Technology which is located in Chandigarh, India. Under the guidance and supervision of my supervisor Mr Roshan Lal, I completed this project. I did this project in the final year of my Masters and invested 12 months for this project. BACKGROUND 2.2 With multiple crack formation, the conventional concrete loses the tensile resistance. With the help of crack arresting mechanisms of fibre, the concrete strength is enhanced. Beam-column joints play a major role so that it should be with proper strength and stiffness for sustaining the transmitted loads from bean and column in the…show more content…
Therefore, I reworked on all the associated calculations and eliminated the errors. 2.15 Regarding the plain concrete specimens, I prepared the cement paste around 3 hours in advance of the application. It eliminated and avoided the tendency of the cap to shrink. 2.16 During this project, I received support and advice from my supervisor, which helped me greatly for the fulfilment of the project with desired results. I coordinated with my supervisor quite well, and all the associated members of the department. Likewise, to deal with the aroused technical difficulties, I consulted with my supervisor. Also, I enhanced my knowledge on the project with the help of other senior professors as well. Moreover, I went across several research articles and papers and gained detailed information on the project. Furthermore, I carried all the major and minor works by following the rules and regulations of the laboratory as well as the university. Also, I followed the requirements of IS: 8112-1989, IS 383-1970, IS: 1786-1985, IS: 516-1959, IS: 5816-1999. (ANZSCO CODE 233211: TASK 1) SUMMARY

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