The Effects Of Alcohol In The Navy

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Alcohol has been and still is prevalent in our Navy. Underage drinking is still occurring on naval bases and aboard ships in the Navy today. The Navy has been cracking down on this alcohol related problem and has also set up programs to prevent it and sop future problems from coming up. As a future junior officer in the Navy, I will have to face these potential problems in the sailors under my command. Underage drinking can lead to more serious problems such as alcoholism and alcohol related arrests and even deaths. Underage drinking in the Navy hinders the overall effectiveness of the Navy. To better understand the problem, we must look at the interaction between the leaders, followers, and the situation. We must look into the culture of the navy and its organizational structure.…show more content…
“An adaptive problem can only be solved by changing the system itself, which includes peoples’ values and hearts” (Mcgraw-Hill, 43). This involves finding new ways to change the minds of sailors in this problem, though this is not a new conflict in the Navy. Alcohol has been around forever in the Navy and in the nation. To fix the problem, we must first find what drives sailors to make the decision to drink underage. We must look into the culture behind this problem and how we can get end it

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