Broiler Chicken Case Study

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broiler chickens. PARAMETERS TO MEASURE: Carcass Characteristics, Serum enzymes and Organ histopathology (Raw and Cooked seeds) CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND STUDY The term “antibiotic” or “antibiotic growth promoter (AGP)” is used to describe any medicine that destroys or inhibits bacteria and is administered at a low, sub therapeutic dose for the purpose of performance enhancement (Modi et al., 2011). Feed additives, especially antibiotics, have been employed in livestock production, including poultry, for long as 50 years as therapeutic agents to treat bacterial infections that decrease performance and cause diseases. But since the initiation of widespread use of antibiotics in the animal industries, they have been placed under increased…show more content…
Adedapo et al, (2009), references that the plant has a low demand for soil nutrients and water, making its management after planting easy, and that it is a multi-function plant. Proximate, phytochemical and mineral analysis of Moringa oliefera leaves suggests that it contains an appreciable amount of crude protein, dietary fibre, fatty acids and minerals, and a low amount of anti-nutrients (Ogbe and John, 2012). Moringa is a good candidate for an alternative antibiotic, because it has necessary nutrients useful to livestock, including poultry, and contains very low amounts of harmful substances. Objectives of this experiment The primary aim of this experiment is to directly explore the antibiotic effects of Moringa oleifera raw seed meal, cooked seed meal, on carcass characteristics, serum biochemical profile (urea, total protein, creatinine), and organ histopathology of broiler birds, in comparison with the effects of synthetic antibiotics. Secondary objectives include; to establish any side effects associated with the use of Moringa seed meal as an additive in broiler diets; and to establish a basis for the use of Moringa seed meal as a replacement for synthetic antibiotics in broiler diet, in the immediate society. MATERIALS AND METHODS LOCATION OF THE EXPERIMENT The experiment was carried out at the Teaching and Research Farm, Landmark University, Omu-aran, Kwara State, Nigeria at 80, 8’ 0” North, 50 6’ 0” East (Omu Aran

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