Importance Of Empathy In The Workplace

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Emotional Intelligence (De Klerk and Le Roux 2003) defined emotional intelligence (EI) as being able to recognise ones thoughts and feelings, understanding and controlling it. Communicate these thoughts and feelings effectively in an appropriate manner to others and have empathy with the emotions of others. All of this according to De Klerk and Le Roux (2003) enables one to interact with one another on an emotional level. In accordance to EI or EQ, personal qualities such as skill, self-control and perseverance strongly influence success in the work place (Deleon 2015). The core values of Aspen Pharmacare are innovation, integrity, teamwork, commitment, communication and always striving for excellence. To encompass these values, it is a…show more content…
• Is there a gap between your perception and how others assess your overall EI ability? To what would you ascribe these gaps? • Indicate corrective action you plan to take or have already taken. QUESTION 4 Empathy in the workplace According to Pressley D, (2012) empathy is defined as the ability to identify and relate to the emotions, experiences or thoughts of others. To understand their feelings and difficulties. Basically to step into someone else’s shoes. At Aspen or any company, empathy can show ones ability to have profound respect for others and show that you understand and care about the situation they’re facing.. An empathic leader promotes teamwork and increase morale and loyalty which in turn results in increase productivity. They focus more on employee training and development. Not just going by the rules and regulations of the company. It is a powerful tool to have in a leader and is admired and respected by all. Closer relationships are established with your colleagues by empathising with them. This builds trust within the workplace. The famous quote from Theodore Roosevelt: “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” This is a fact that has long been

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