Snake In The Courtroom

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Why Finding a Snake in the Courtroom is Unlikely Ethics is defined as moral principles that govern a person's or group's behavior. Lawyers are a part of a group that is often associated with being unethical, however lawyers must follow ethical codes with strict adherence. Also lawyers may face punishment for being unethical. Some may disagree with the way an attorney might conduct himself, but lawyer’s ethics are beneficial to clients. Many see lawyers and attorneys as greedy, overbearing people that have no ethics. A large number of these people with a negative views of attorneys do not know what ethics are. Lawyers should be considered just as ethical as someone in any other career. There are many ethical codes in which lawyers must abide…show more content…
“Lawyers are, by trade, exceptional tacticians. That is what is expected of them. You give them a matter, and they will figure out how to navigate the whitewater straits to an acceptable ending” (Pratt 275). In this quote from Timothy Pratt he explains that generally all lawyers, just by the profession they have chosen, are tacticians, and good ones at that. He also continues in his article Three Rules for the 21st Century Lawyer- A View From Two Worlds to say, referencing what he called the key differentiator, “It has less to do with what lawyers do than what they are. It requires measuring the attorney not just as a lawyer but also as a person. It focuses on how that lawyer treats people, carries himself/herself and inspires respect”(Pratt 275).What is meant by this is that all lawyers in theory should be adequate at their job, however, what will make the difference between a mediocre lawyer and a great lawyer is who they are as a person. He specifically says the differentiator for the 21st century because in the past companies could hire high-powered attorneys from firms that would help them win cases. Now as times have changed this is not good enough anymore. Attorneys must now be seen as a partner and think strategically as well as being a likeable person. Pratt also speaks about “approaching challenges with humility and operating with an “us” rather than a “me” mentality. It is a simple concept with life-changing potential. It is called leadership”(Pratt 275) As times change lawyer’s ethics are becoming less about not going to jail and more about being good people. Along with this, attorney client confidentiality agreements are a big part of lawyers ethical conduct. This quote from the ABA Model Code of Professional Responsibility a lawyer’s duties as a confidant are explained, “A person who entrusts legal matters to a lawyer is protected by the attorney-client privilege and by the duty of the lawyer to hold

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