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Ethic is the discipline dealing with what is good and bad, or right and wrong, or with moral duty and obligation. In addition it deals with human relationships, so how we think and behave towards others and how we want others to think and behave towards us. Ethical principles are guide to moral behavior. In many societies to lie, steal or harm somebody is considered to be unethical. Whereas, being honest, to help others and to respect the rights of each person is considered to be ethical. These are basic principles of organized life everywhere. Religious beliefs are a major source of ethical guidance for many. While a person is growing up in a family, he or she gets to know what is right and wrong. Schools, teachers, neighbors, friends, role…show more content…
Ethical relativism says that ethical principles should be defined by various periods of time in history, a society’s traditions, the special circumstances, or personal opinion. The conclusion is that there are no universal ethical standards. All in all, one can say that all people do depend on ethics to determine what is good and bad, right and wrong, or moral and immoral. The first reason stated in the textbook is personal gain and selfish interest. It is the desire for personal gain, or even greed that causes some ethics problems. Sometimes companies hire people whose values and beliefs are not desirable. Their values are not desirable because they put their own welfare ahead of all others. For them it does not matter to harm other people, the company or society. A manager or employee who puts his own self-interest above all other considerations is called an ethical egoist. Ethical egoists are persons, who are interested in promoting themselves, focus on self-interest, selfish and are greed. Besides, these persons ignore ethical principles, which are accepted by others because they think that these principles are made for other persons. Altruism is seen to be sentimental r even irrational. Their motto is looking out for number one. The

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