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14 Common Travel Myths Travel, whether it’s to another city, state or country, can be tiring and complicated. It’s important to plan ahead for everything from your ticket and hotel to packing. However, for those who travel, it’s widely considered to be worth all the effort. If you would like to visit other shores, but are held back because of worries and concerns, you may be subject to common travel myths that keep you firmly planted at home. Whether you want to visit Mohonk Mountain House or Aruba, you can start by having a clear picture of the realities of travel. Travel is Expensive It’s true, travel can be very expensive. You can fly first-class, stay in luxury hotels and travel during the high-season. This is great if money is not a problem, but there are many ways you can see the world without spending a fortune. You may think this means staying in cheap hotels and eating street food. Not so. If you’re a…show more content…
This doesn’t mean you move as you would at home. There are common-sense precautions everyone needs to observe such as keeping your passport and money in a money belt and not walking alone at night. However, most people are willing to help you on your way and are proud to show you their beautiful country. Travel Takes Too Much Time Research shows that vacations are good for your health. They rejuvenate your mind and body. Whether you have a three-day weekend or a two week paid vacation, use it to go somewhere you have never been. Travel only takes as much time as you want it to take. Travel is Complicated Traveling to another country may require a long flight, and you may end up in a country where you don’t speak the language. Rather than considering these things obstacles, consider the new experiences you’ll have meeting other people and trying new food. In most places, you’ll find someone who speaks English as it’s the language of the 21st century. Travel Is for
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