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Baby Formula- Everything you Need to Know If you are in quest for all the information you can gather on baby formula and proper guides on how to do it- here are some excellent tips and must-knows about baby formula. Mothers always choose what’s best for their babies. Some moms decide exclusively on breastfeeding, some of them do a combination of breastfeeding and baby formula, and some of them feed their babies entirely with baby formula. If your choice includes the word ‘formula’, then you should roll your sleeves and gain some general, as well as a more profound knowledge about formula feeding. Baby Formula Ingredients and Types The baby formula mimics the breast milk, and includes all the nutrients that your baby needs during its first year. The infant formula is a mixture of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. It is rich with iron and includes additives which increase the brain development. There are different types of baby formula with different bases, depending on your baby’s preferences. The formula is carefully designed to adapt to your baby’s needs and improve its immune system as well as its health. So the three main types of formula are: • Formula Based on Cow’s Milk (the most common type) • Soy-Based Formula (For babies…show more content…
Moms usually exchange experiences, but it is very important for you to know that babies that are breastfed and babies that are formula-fed do not have the same rate of digestion, so you may notice many differences. For example, formula-fed babies take in more air than the babies who are breastfed. This means that you will have to burp your baby more often than a breastfed baby. This shouldn’t be very difficult, since there are several positions like sitting up, or patting its back until it burps, you’ll just have to find the best one. As for the poop, the common shared experience is that the poop of a formula-fed baby is smellier, firmer and

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