Sociological Imagination Assignment

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Sociological Imagination Assignment Win- Kuan Edwina Chu Ryerson University Professor Rebecca Lock SOC104 - 011 Friday, October 2rd 2015 C. Wright Mills introduced “Sociological imagination”, laying the foundation of understanding the differentiation between personal trouble and public issues (Naiman 2008, P.7). What is meant by this concept is that individuals can have the ability to situate personal issues within a framework of a larger social structure, such as the culture and history behind an event (Naiman 2008, P.7). To breakdown the foundation of this concept, it should be looked upon expanding a snapshot of an issue by freeing yourself from one context to perceiving things from an alternative point of view. This enables us to view a personal problem as a whole social issue, allowing us to link farther societal issues to a closure with life situation.…show more content…
If we can allow ourselves to connect in this way, we can adjust personal issues and structure after certain events and actions in a cultural and historical point of view. For example, if an individual had personal issues in continuing education due to difficulty and a toll to emotional stress, we can target the structures that reinforce this idea. Such as the wide issue of particular countries with little to no access to education when they want to accomplish and achieve goals that have less of an opportunity to do so. This broad view of sociological imagination allows us to see connection and patterns of our habits and the course of history. We can see what type of people we are becoming as a society, as well as the history-making process that is presently taking place. As we are becoming the new society, the “aged society” becomes the main challenge to social theoretic issues and along with technological development (Ossewaarde,
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