Sociological Imagination Scenarios

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The term Sociological imagination is used in sociology in order to answer questions about a single individual or a group of people. Therefore, finding out about the micro levels or personal troubles as well as the macro or public issue. This also means certain problems are complex and possibly need to find how the micro and macro levels interact with this person and the problem or issue. Sociological imagination is a key term that will assist with interactions with certain issues in society. One example where this sociological imagination is used is in court cases or police brutality cases. Sociological imagination is used in many different aspects of life and in order to find out about the personal troubles as well as the public issues you…show more content…
Unfortunately, we might not give any change to that particular individual because of how we make intuitive decisions on why that person is living on the street. For example, we might say that person is lazy and just doesn’t want to work. We might even say they are drug addicts and will only use the money for drugs or alcohol. However if we apply sociological imagination it will make you view the aspect of homelessness a little different. If we look at the personal troubles one might have living on the street and the public issues they deal with on a daily basis we might give them our extra change. Some personal troubles they could have are mental conditions which can hinder their chances of employment. Family troubles and in most cases no family at all which can cause self-esteem problems. They might not have guidance or access to the information to get help off the streets. The individual could be a disabled Veteran who served our great country and now doesn’t know where to go or what to do. If we look at this homeless person as we just did, it’s considered their personal troubles. Furthermore, if we look at the public issues of homelessness is will further change your view on homelessness. Some public issues like not having the proper clothes to wear can stop you from getting a job. If an individual is being shunned from society because they don’t have a place to live they will not be able to have the self-esteem to get a job. If employers view you as a homeless person they will most likely not hire you. If society views homeless individuals as drug addict’s or alcoholics, they will never receive the help they need and deserve. Our culture is diverse and as a public issue we should help and not judge until we have reasons too judge. I hope I changed your view on homelessness and explained how using sociological imagination can help better understand a particular issue or
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