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Sociological Imagination The sociological imagination is one of the most important things in which people have in their society. Sociological imagination plays a good role in making people differ from others in terms of places and regions, where people can act differently as a result of historical circumstances or current situations in their communities. For example, People who live in the Middle East have a different way of thinking in comparing with people here in the U.S. and the reason for that is people who live in that region have different influence such as tradition, culture, and lifestyle which make them think of things differently. In the 1960, Charles Wright Mills was the guider of the American sociological thought. Also, he established…show more content…
In terms of being able to develop this ability of Mills’ thought, I think not everyone has the capacity of looking at Mills ideas because not everyone is open-minded and able to accept different things. According to Anthony Giddens, said “power is the ability to make a difference in the world” (Giddens,A); therefore some people have their overpowering ideas and actions, which they do not blend in with what is known to be in the normal society, these actions can impact upon the society significantly as long as people support them. According to Giddens’s view, he said whenever someone carries out a social action which we understand the intention of this individual action. Eventually, this individual will make a difference in the world; however, this action and thought may go against other people’s vested interests. (Giddens,A). For instance, people become conflicted of the acceptance of the gay marriage because of the different thoughts, ideas, and…show more content…
(Giddens. A, Philip.). Since troubles are personal problems, then we can define troubles as a situation which a person finds difficulty worries and possible in convince. For instance, Chef Arnold, who is ninety years old man, got arrested by feeding the homeless. Issues are problems which are debatable for discussions and a specific a problem is a pointed, such as global warming. Since global warming affect the entire society, then it is a social issue to not only the society, but the entire glob. Personal problems transform into public issues. (Giddens. A, Philip.) . Therefore, global warming can also transform from personal problem to a public issue because we all live on one plant and whatever happens in one location on earth can affect on the whole

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