Examples Of Leon Trotsky In Animal Farm

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Leon Trotsky in Animal Farm Leon Trotsky was born on November 7, 1879 at Lanovka in the Ukraine. Trotsky got involved in many revolutionary groups while he was still young. His parents, David and Anna Bronstein, were prosperous Jewish farmers. Leon Trotsky represents Snowball in the book Animal Farm. Snowball was one of the main pigs in the book. Snowball was a much better pig than Napoleon. Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin in the book. Snowball was made to be the leader of the animals after Old Major had passed on. There are several examples where you will find Snowball acting as a leader. In many instances he is always trying to help the animals learn more and more about the rebellion. He teaches the animals things they will need to know. He also organizes everything before the rebellion. Snowball was the perfect character to…show more content…
His father was a wealthy Jewish land owner. Trotsky's mother, Anna Bronstein came from Odessa, where she had received a modest education. The languages spoken in the family's home were Russian and Ukrainian instead of Yiddish. When Trotsky was eight years old, his father sent him to Odessa to be educated. While he was young, Trotsky got involved in revolutionary groups and was arrested at the age of nineteen for writing and printing revolutionary literature and for helping to organize a strike. He escaped from prison and Fled to London in where he met up with Lenin and other revolutionists in October 1902. In 1905, Trotsky returned to St. Petersburg to organize the city's first Soviet Union. He was once again arrested, and sent to Siberia. Leon Trotsky was a principal leader in the founding of the Soviet Union. He also played an important role in the October Revolution, which brought the Bolsheviks to power. Because Trotsky had such a big role in the Revolution, you will see him mentioned often in the
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