Eto Tripping Poem

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The Strength of African Women In the poem, “Ego Tripping” by Giovanni the audience is those who value the beauty and significance of African women. I believe that Giovanni is trying to mainly target other African women. Giovanni makes is clear that she is focusing mostly on African women because she uses several African origins in the poem. The motive of this poem is to make African women understand and become aware of the strength they carry in this world. African women in this poem is described as superior individuals with a great deal of power. Giovanni uses exaggeration in the poem to stress the importance of the African women culture. The importance of this poem is to empower and uplift women. In the poem, “Ego Tripping,” Nikki Giovanni uses prideful diction to allude the significance and strength of being an African women.…show more content…
The word bad is defined as, “Anything that is below standard or expectations as of ethics or decency” (Webster’s Dictionary). However in the poem, Giovanni does not use bad in the context of being inferior. Instead she use prideful diction by using the word “bad” to describe herself as being remarkably great and confident of herself. The phrase “I am bad” is used to indirectly imply the amount of respect she carries over her head. Giovanni is proud of being an African women and reveals it in the poem. “I sat on the throne/drinking nectar with allah” (8-9). Allah is, “the one and only God in Islam” (Encyclopedia).Imagery is used in this quote to emphasize how she feels that she is equal to the God in Islam. Giovanni indirectly describes women in this quote as goddess. Giovanni looks at African women as superior people. She looks at women as Goddess, with the same praise people give to Gods. She feels that Allah and African women are equal this is why she describes them as sitting on the throne

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