Examples Of Injustice In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Ever get a situation once and awhile, that things that you have been anticipating for so long just never came, it didn’t fall into your favor, and it felt really unfair afterwards. The novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, features many great examples of injustice and how some characters didn't get everything falling into their favor. One part of the story was about the injustice of the Tom Robinson trial, an innocent black man still sentenced guilty, gets killed in prison later. And how one of the main characters took it with great grief and felt deep injustice, Jem finch. To Kill A Mockingbird conveys/focused on/teaches the life lesson that not everything falls in your favor . Not everything falls in your favor is an important life lesson…show more content…
Another example is when i was in Middle school and i really wanted to start dating and so I ask this one girl out....and sadly she said no. It broke my heart. This example is similar to the last one I just listed. When I was in 7th grade this happened. I thought that this was the one. I thought I would win her if I just waited, I waited two years, I somewhat became friends with her, but many times my awkwardness around her, scared her. There were so many other awkward conversations and situations. I still kept waiting, there were more awkwards moments or situations that happened. But I remember sorta asking her out, but it was through a paper so it didn't really count. While I was waiting over a course of a few years, two boyfriends took over her and the third one is over her right now, but I am still waiting anxiously, yes even today, I am still waiting for myself to improve, so that I can have her and never let go. Realistically I probably will never have her, and that s disappointing, and thats how it fits in my theme, not everything falls into your
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