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Quick wit and humor are not something everyone associates with mother-daughter relationships, at least until Amy Sherman Palladino’s Gilmore Girls premiered on television. This show not only revolutionized the on-screen single parent family dynamic, but also the type of character roles women portrayed on television. This television show did not just spring up overnight, nor did Sherman-Palladino’s success. She had to overcome others’ criticism, self-doubt, and even her own victory to keep the success she earned. Her Master Journey did not end once she found triumph, but continues daily as she develops new ideas and concepts for shows and overcomes her failures. Amy Sherman-Palladino’s journey made her face not only others’ disbelief in her ability, but the challenge of learning how to critique her own work. Greene’s first key to mastery is in the Creative Task. Greene states, “The truth is that creative activity is one that involves the entire self—our emotions, our levels of energy, our characters, and our minds (179). Sherman- Palladino…show more content…
Ramachandran, in that she gained her success through a questioning and discovery process. She discovered her success in relatable dialogue in a very similar way that Ramanchandran discovered the phantom limb syndrome. He saw the final result, which was the pain, and worked backwards to find what was causing it. This is how Sherman-Palladino developed her characters. She knew the type of child she wanted Rory to be, a freethinking independent girl, and worked backwards to understand Lorelai’s character. What would the mother of a daughter like Rory be like? What would their relationship and banter sound like? She developed and perfected her dialogue and storylines over the years like, Ramanchadran perfected his experiments. It took years of practice and devotion, but ultimately both were successful in completing their goals they originally set out to

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