Examples Of Injustice In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Problems in society are inevitable. There is no such things as a perfect world. Unfortunately, this means there will always be people who look down upon others as inferiors. Racism is the belief that one or multiple races are beneath others. Even though racism has reduced in the century or so, To Kill a Mockingbird shows that racism is pervasive and that it is the root of injustice in society. While there are many important points you can take from this classic american novel, racism takes center stage. In Maycomb, the setting of this book, the population is buzzing about the arrest of Tom Robinson, a local african american man. Accused of raping a white woman, Tom is preparing for his trial. Before readers even meet Tom they likely guess he is innocent. Unfortunately, they can also probably guess the outcome of the trial as well. Tom is found guilty, though all of the evidence, or lack of evidence, points to his innocence. This enraging act of injustice infuriates most readers, but also confirms their fears. The people of Maycomb are too caught up in their own prejudice thoughts that they can’t set free an innocent man. To Kill a Mockingbird was published in 1960, a few years before the height…show more content…
The answer to this question is fairly simple. Racism is pervasive because people want to be able to feel good about themselves. This is obvious in To Kill a Mockingbird, mostly because of Bob Ewell. Bob Ewell, a poor man with many children, had little power in society. It is heavily implied that he was an abusive father, beating Mayella when he spots her kissing Tom. The only thing Ewell could be proud of was his race, since he was white. He framed Tom Robinson for his crime, because he knew Tom would be convicted. A black man raping a white woman could mean death for the rapist. Racism blinded the county, dooming Tom from the second he was accused. Once one person suspected Tom of the crime most of the white community followed
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