Why Did Australia Occur In Ww2

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Introduction: World War 2 was a very significant and historical War. WWII began on the 1st of September 1939 it lasted till the 2nd of September 1945 this War had a devastating impact upon Australia and its people. Approximately 40 000 Australians died on an active facility. Almost 8000 Australian POW died throughout. The conflict that occurred in the Kokoda was against a Japanese invasion force, it was possibly the most significant fight fought by the Australians in World War 2. Japan planned to capture Port Moresby by two ground invasion one was through the Kokoda track and the other was to follow a landing at Milne Bay. On the 24 September 1942 lack of supplies forced the Japanese to withdraw on a fighting retreat. This is why the Australians…show more content…
During WWII Australia Fought in many different locations all by themselves, this time this conflict occurred without the Britain army this is because. Australia’s greatest skilled troops which were the three Australian Imperial Force (AIF) divisions, they were far away fighting along with the British forces. The Australian army expected the British Empire to defend Australia when japan enters the war. However the British were fighting for their own lives and they had already lacked resources to defend Australia. Four divisions were elevated for the second AIF these divisions were called the 6th to the 9th divisions. These divisions spread across many countries, the 6th, 7th and 9th divisions were sent to the Middle East and the 8th division was sent to Malaya. Australia sent the 6th division to Palestine for training, this division received spectacular victories in there conflicts over Italy. Australia’s 6th division was sent to Greece in 1941that’s where they got defeated. After this tragic defeat on May 1941 the under equipped allied defenders retreated and marched to Crete, where they fought a rear-guard action. The allied of the 7th division were pushed back to Tobruk, on Libya’s coast, this is where an epic siege had

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