Why Is To Kill A Mockingbird Be Banned

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Kill that Mockingbird More than once over the course of history has a book been censored, banned, and even burned whether because it spoke against a certain group, it went against religious beliefs, or it just offended some people. The great American novel To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, is a story about a young girl and her brother who grow up witnessing racism, discrimination, and injustice in their hometown Maycomb. The book has been in the center of controversy ever since it was published in 1960 because of the language used as well as how it depicts certain groups of people. To Kill a Mockingbird should not be taught in the ninth or tenth grade because some students are not wise or mature enough to understand and appreciate the…show more content…
Nicholas Patler states “One of the earliest of these heated challenges came in 1981 when black parents fervently worked to ban To Kill A Mockingbird in the Warren, Indiana Township schools because they felt it did ‘psychological damage to the positive integration process’ and ‘represent[ed] institutionalized racism under the guise of good literature’”(1). The parents felt like the story did not fit in an environment made to positively impact their children, and that it is just a well written book that symbolizes racial inequality. This shows how not only the students, but sometimes even the parents misunderstand the point of the story and think of it as just racist. Patler goes on and states, “The most often cited concern revolves around the use of the ‘N’ word within the text, as mentioned a minute ago, usually associated with a further degrading and devaluing reference to blacks such as stupid, worthless, deserving of death by lynching or shooting, dogs and trash”(1). Patler is giving one reason for removing To Kill a Mockingbird from schools, and that is because of how abundantly the “N” word is used. This is another example of how concerned people are with the racist language in the novel that they almost completely ignore the lessons being taught in the…show more content…
In Race and Ethnicity in Multi-Ethnic Schools, James Ryan points out that “Many students of African heritage finds the experience of taking up To Kill A Mockingbird in class a troubling one”(134). If students are having difficulties studying a book in school, it could mean they just aren’t mature enough. It’s not like To Kill a Mockingbird is the only book in the world that addresses racial inequality and injustice. It’s not like school doesn’t already teach students about slavery and racism either. Patler states, “But try to imagine a young black freshman student in a mostly white classroom, surrounded by his or her peers, as To Kill A Mockingbird is being read and discussed out loud. For such a young student, this language has a powerfully and embarrassingly negative connotation, with attention, in most cases, inevitably drawn towards them when such racial expletives and negative references are read”(1). What Patler is saying is that a young black student reading and discussing To Kill a Mockingbird in class can become embarrassed and uncomfortable, and receive unwanted attention because of the language used. A student should never be feeling emotionally uncomfortable in a place designed to help them learn and improve themselves. It is just not

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