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Was Gatsby Great or Just In Love. Fitzgerald symbolizes the unattainable American Dream through a green light which is physically at the end of a boat dock. While Gatsby reaches out at night in hopes that one day he will reunite with Daisy. Fitzgerald’s message is not well obtained throughout the Novel nor the movie The Great Gatsby but he was trying to relay the message that the American Dream can never be brought to satisfaction. Due to the fact that the American Dream entails always striving for more than we already have. In the first part of the movie the green light means desire, desire to reach his goal to be with Daisy. Gatsby however seems to be obsessed with this mysterious yet attractive green light, such as, staring at the light…show more content…
As the phone rang gatsby was just shot in the back, expecting the phone call to be daisy it wasn’t her, it was nick, so Gatsby died without closure and was left alone. He looked at the green light proudly while falling back into his pool because he was confident that phone call was from Daisy. With Gatsby dead and Nick dealing with so many questions, publicity, and news networks, it was very difficult to declare the message closer to the end of the Novel and movie about why the green light flashed upon Nick one last…show more content…
Daisy and Gatsby were unfortunately not on the same sheet of music and Daisy just couldn’t bring herself to put Tom away and start fresh with a man who has been long gone for five years. Although Gatsby struggled to get back to Daisy, Daisy couldn’t help but to find another lover who was already rich and stable, which left Gatsby on a lower pedestal than Tom in the end. Alongside Daisy not confessing what Gatsby thought she had for him, love, she betrayed him, and let him take the blame of a crime he simply did not commit. Gatsby was moving too fast for a foolish girl, who was taught that only a material man was a good man. It is quite unfortunate that Gatsby falls short of accomplishing his American Dream but in the end the green light delivers a message that one may seek all he wants it’s all about timing and being happy with yourself before anyone else can matter. That is the American

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